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The rising sun magnificentagainst the scarlet skyexperienced anew each daypenultimate accomplishment;the final joy to be revealedwhen scarlet sky moves into blueHorizon. No-o-o! ‘Tis not to … more
There is one app for everythingthat promises to water all of your losses:the garden brought forth to full glisteninglost that one blistering SundayThe house by the lake with rotted sill,as if in … more
Imagine if prominent people of history were alive in our time: just picture Gandhi on an iPhone, or George Washington taking selfies. If they should happen to be single, what would their Tinder … more
There’s a wonderful scene in the 1982 movie, “Diner,” between Daniel Stern and Ralph Tabakin. Stern is working in sales at an appliance store and Tabakin walks in and over to a … more
As the new saying goes, if you want to learn how to use the latest device, whether it’s software or hardware, ask a four–year–old. In two seconds, the child will show you every … more
Tapclickswipe Shifting forward into the abyss doesn’t always mean progress. Looking down, we march toward the brightand sleek conclaves of modernity,transitioning fromone cave speechto … more
It happened during the first-act finale.The sound was muffled—emanating from within a pocket or a purse—but still I felt it, the way a mother feels her sleeping baby open its eyes in the … more
One doesn’t extinct ones’ self without taking youdown the same foxhole,the one where it’s crowded with mirrors.Sleep is a house of dreams. You comerunning to close the curtains in … more
I ask my students to question our cult of technology,whether it is a crisis in our culture or a blessing, and then to open their journals and write—but before they can pick-up their pensthe … more
Two mid-aged men wearing ill-fitting animal skins, hairy hats and furry-floppy slippers meet. SHANTZ: You got your sticks packed?KRANTZ: Yeah, and my deer skins wrapped. The dogs are set and I hear … more
I like to sleep with the things that matter most to me close. Sometimes that something is my boyfriend, though our bi-coastal relationship predicates a life where sometimes can’t be always. On … more
I place creamy hot coffee on my desk. Sit down. Torch a wooden match. Set aflame a tea-light candle. Inhale. Exhale. Three times, mindfully. I invite the muse to infuse my writing work with … more
Marcel Proust, in his self-published masterpiece, “Remembrance of Things Past,” bit into a madeleine and created an awareness about the power of smell and taste as triggers for memories. … more
Obituary # 1James “Jimmy” Ortega was a very quiet man who lived in a cabin in the woods. He lived alone and caressed his one cat, “Kitten Verde,” “Da caat wit one green … more
Day 1: My husband burned the house down.I put the cats in the car, waited for the children to get home from school.He took off in the other car before the firemen finished. Day 2: The kids and I … more
In ‘63, a German family (the Schmelings) moved into my Long Island neighborhood—the father, Rudi, his petite and beautiful wife Lisle, and their big-boned daughter Greta.Before coming to … more
Trust me. When i talk about love Please don’t listen I know nothing. You want free advice, stop in the soup kitchen of loveLook for that sad queue slouched out in the rain The moist-eyed and … more
Technically, my husband and I are not vegetarians. We’re vegetarians with a dash of hypocrisy. Pat will wolf down a turkey sandwich, but he recoils at the sight of the lifeless, roasted … more
I stand in Produce deciding between Romaine or Bostonwhen suddenly the air comesalive with Meatloaf. belting out Seger’s Old Time Rock and Roll. A man in Cheese grabs a woman from Deli who … more
[Written for the in-house newsletter of a small software development firm, now defunct] All my life I wanted to be a programmer, even though I was totally unaware of this until I was 37 years old. … more
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Currently viewing stories posted within the past 2 years.
For all older stories, please use our advanced search.