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Miss Grasshopper, engaged in songAll summer long, With wonder found herself deprivedWhen the winter storms arrived.Alas for her, she’d not put byEven a speck of worm or fly“I’m … more
The worm says to thewasp, Today you friend me,tomorrow you eat me.Honey bees they’realways screaming racism,it’s a cultural thing. Man says, Ouch you bit me.Mosquito says, Get over … more
Plastic cup in hand, he inverts it.Slow, with intent, he eyes the buzzing, crazed houseflypress and dance across window pane.Not understanding, it settles in fatigue of batting wings.Just so, cup rim … more
Come darkthey slip in for their illicit liaisons,orgies, and crumb fests,squandering their youthin a cardboard juke joint—nymphs with big brown eyesluring the maleswinking their wings … more
that flew past my windowyour green glow flashing announcing the endof the longest dayburninginto black sky—summer flameray of hope. more
Watch me.Watch you do what? Weave my web, of course.Why? Because you still don’t get it. Watch me.But I’ve seen it a thousand times. Right. That’s what gets me.All right. … more
The stones were not as hot as before, cooled by the shade which had crept across them. Kiri tested one and sat down, leaving her towel on a chair. She put one hand over the patio ledge and into the … more
Walking along, I’ve often overlooked them.They’re small and unobtrusive...I mistook themFor merely a disruption in the ground:A bit of sandy soil, a hill, a mound... The tiny creatures … more
Heir to an insect afterlife,the strange & punctual cicadasaws its way through the evening air;its shrill, celestial gossiplike a locomotivesteaming to a stop,whistling down the tree-lined … more
My killing sprees have been limitedto roaches and ants,all of whom will return Judgment Dayto get even for the spray cans of Raid,for luring them onto the kitchen linoleumwith granulated sugar,for … more
Walking into town one afternoonI passed a wizard on the wayHolding a branch in his handLike a magic wand. “Look!” he said, stopping along the path.“Yes,” rather … more
Chalcid, mantid, lacewing, moth—They stir the dirt then eat the mop.Swede midge, sawfly, boxwood psyllidFell the foundation where I live— Roaches, whiteflies, stinkbugs, … more
From egg to larva and nymph to adultIll born carriers by this world hated.A bloodsucker’s life, not one to exultBut one, alas, to which we’ve been fated.The shark, the snake, even the … more
For three days we sat vigil,tethered to your chest’s rise and fall. By then, we’d dimmed the lights,entombed your room in silence. Outside, the acolytes gathered.They had journeyed … more
This morningas I brushed my teetha black spider suddenly droppeddowninto the sink. The instantthat I bent downfor a closer look,I thought I heardthe spider say:Hurt me and you hurt … more
Allow only the desirables —lady bugs, katydids, damsel flies,and the like — give the cute ones names: Jiminy cricket, Charlotte spider,and Flash the lightning bug, Welcomemantises, if … more
My five-year-old lives a lyric. Dylan intended to brush his teeth 20 minutes agobut was arrested by the beauty of a stink bug. He squeals when it tumbles through the air,buzzing a yard to land … more
Every springI sprayI prayI swatand stompSwab orVacuumBut they are relentlessCamel cricket scoutsPlatoons of antsLoathsome spidersTrying to spin their homesBut, oh joyful blessing,The occasional … more
A dazzling colored dragonflySo beautiful to see I sometimes pauseAnd hover nearSo you can look at me Two bulging eyesFour sparkling wingsI then begin to fly Oh, don’t you wishThat you … more
It has no teeth no paws or tailyou see it’s not a bear at all and if you try to pick one up it curls into a ball. The Woolly Bear The Woolly Bear has middle bristles copper red and ebony at … more
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Currently viewing stories posted within the past 2 years.
For all older stories, please use our advanced search.