A River Runs Through It
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      *This poem is reprinted from "Journey to Red Hill" by Inez George Ridley, published by CRS OUTLOUDBOOKS. Since the last week of February, turkey vultures have been … more
Never, on River Road in Damascus Township, have I witnessed a convoy of men and trucks such as the one in my picture. Not in 35 years of storms, power failures, and a tornado touching down. … more
Daniel Skinner, in 1763, steered a raft of white pine logs through this river channel to Philadelphia ship yards - creating a Milanville timber industry that lasted until WWI. Late in the 19th … more
A February 18 view of the  Delaware River and its historic Milanville Eddy – facing south from our 1901 Milanville Bridge. Skinners Falls lie around a bend masked by trees on a PA ridge … more
This Milanville bottomland abutting the Delaware River also border Calkins Creek, just south (right) of here. Cultivated as meadow and farmland for generations, it brings to mind Connecticut  … more
The colors of this Calkins Creek riffle lie on rocks and cobbles below  -  caused by colonies of algae and bacteria clinging to them. Then, on a very cold night, “anchor ice” … more
  January 30, 2018. Following an inch of rain at historic Calkins Creek, near Milanville, ice was gouged and spun away last week - and stacked into “jams,” as in my 1/27 photograph. … more

In flight these little butterflies with 2" wingspans seem dull as household moths.  But let one perch on a sunlight trail and bare an under-wing! 


Late May has been filled with maple seeds that whirl like tiny helicopters. This Silver Maple sprout -  removed from a mulched Azalea bed - has been replanted. more
Our "Checkerspot" visitor is tiny enough to land on a fingernail.  And at any window box we can encourage similar "pollinators."   more
For turtles there's no needier spot. Sunlight warms them; produces Vitamin D; and, by drying, a shell can exterminate leeches and algae.   more
  This little "lump," suspended by silk, is molding a tiny, orange-winged  butterfly. Adults, known as  "Checkerspots," are common along streams but … more
 Little "Comma" butterflies that hibernate here, are among the first to appear each spring. Orange on top,  their folded wings mimic pieces of bark - with small, silver … more
On a spring walk, especially on a sunny, woodland trail, keep a look-out for one.  These ground beetles, about as long as my thumb nail, are voracious predators of small … more
A Black Vulture (left) and a Turkey Vulture (right) take a break while feeding on a deer carcass. "Turkeys" are old hands in Narrowsburg, , but Black Vultures are moving north and to … more
This "Great Egret" was exploring a Maryland pond on March 28, 2019 - near a busy rural road I was traveling.    Heron-sized, they've been extending their range into … more
A gaudy male and his mate explore a local pond.  Some Wood Ducks, which overwinter as far south as Mexico, will stick around to breed in our own wooded swamps.   more
On a boggy knoll near Milanville each of these Skunk Cabbage plants began producing flowers in mid-March.  The purple hoods are modified leaves that make cavities for petal-less flowers -  … more
After a week of stunning bright clouds, our sun crossed the equator on March 20, at 5:58 p.m. -  for its Vernal Equinox.  Burnished by fresh wind, March clouds at Tyler Hill sail above a … more
“Little Wing,” as Damascus second graders call him, hatched at my place on March 11. His chrysalis, near my thumb, had been “home” for six months. “Little … more
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Currently viewing stories posted within the past year.
For all older stories, please use our advanced search.