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December 03, 2016
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Highland Farm: The Next Generation and Calkins Creamery artisan cheeses

This brie-style cheese, named “Noble Road,” is a relative newcomer to the Calkins Creamery collection of artisan cheeses.

Udderly Hot + El Coto Rioja (Spain) or Cline Zinfandel (Spain)
Choose a wine that will match the spice of this havarti double-dosed with chili peppers.

Four Dog Dill + Fleur du Cap Chenin Blanc (South Africa)
Pair this havarti that is loaded with dill with a lovely crisp white.

Smoke Signal + Astica’s Malbec Red (Argentina) or any Cahor Red (France)
Marry this applewood-smoked baby gouda with a dry red.

Cowtipper + Milbrandt Merlot (Washington State ) or
Hardys Merlot (Australia)
This porter-soaked gouda with slight tones of chocolate is a perfect match for a merlot.

Lida Gold + Nero D’Avola (Italy) or Castello Monaci Primitivo (Italy)
Pair this slightly fruity Montasio-style cheese with a musical Italian wine.

Noble Road + Hanging Vine Pinot Noir (California) or Potel Aviron’s Julienas Gamay (France)
This Brie-style cheese is earthy with butter and pepper notes that call for a pinot noir or Gamay grape.