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May 29, 2016
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Peaceful warriors

The Sullivan West Class of 2015 (sophomores) cheer on their team during the obstacle course. “We’ll make history” touted their yellow shirts. They came in third behind the juniors and seniors respectively.

In an epic upset that would augur their one-point victory in the Color Wars, the juniors trumped the seniors in the tug of war. The juniors and sophomores tied in the gummy bear toss as their teams caught the flying candy in awaiting mouths with voracious skill. The seniors led the juniors 16-11 after the athletic event portion of the foray, but the juniors won the cake decorating and lip synch battles over the seniors who had won the banner honors. The three artistic endeavors afforded the juniors a 16-12 advantage resulting in the final 29-28 victory for the class of 2014. The juniors’ skit provided a Jet Blue dancing/singing tour of Mexico, Paris, Egypt and Korea replete with appropriate costumes, dancing, music and enactment for those trips on the excursion.

All of the class skits were impressive, humorous and creative. For an album of photos from this year’s Color Wars, visit www.sportsinsights.smugmug.com.