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December 11, 2016
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The warmth of a cup of tea; Giving a tea party

As I sat on this beautiful fall day, listening to San Jose speak passionately of her childhood memories growing up in Britain and stories about her relationship with tea, my mind started to wander. I thought about this group of women, who took the time to gather together over a cup of tea, to celebrate each other’s company. Discussion was sparked on what brought each of us to the lovely small town of Honesdale. As each tea cup was filled and refilled with earl grey, exotic mint chocolate, or various herbal blends, and sweet treats were passed around, a deep feeling of casual comfort set in. There was talk of our own childhood memories, of being little girls, and having tea parties with our stuffed animals and dolls with the little miniature tea sets many of us had as young children. To me it seemed as if the warmth of the tea extended into a richness of stories and short bits of where life had taken each one of us. As we sat, we began to weave together these small threads and connections in a way that bound us all together…within our community.