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December 09, 2016
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Top tips for saving energy

SEEDS Chairwoman Katharine Dodge talked about the importance of reusing products. The tips she gave included reusing jars and pots, which can be used as small containers to store odds and ends; newspapers, cardboard and bubble wrap can be useful packing material when moving or storing items; envelopes can be reused by sticking labels over the address and, alternatively, can be used as scrap paper; carrier bags can be reused while shopping or as bin bags around the house; paper bags make useful wrapping paper; twist ties can be used to secure loose items such as computer wires; and egg cartons and foil can be given to schools to be used in arts and crafts projects.

Less garbage going to a landfill means less fossil fuel being used, Dodge noted. “Reusable is a great idea,” she said.

Dodge also recommended people think ahead when cooking or baking. Can you put more than one vegetable in a pot, such as placing corn on the cob on top of beans? “And cut your items in smaller pieces to cut down on the cooking time,” she said.

SEEDS works with private residents as well as area businesses to find ways to help them save energy and operate more efficiently. Anyone seeking more information can visit, call 570/245-1256 or email