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December 03, 2016
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Plants behaving badly; Love that ‘ornamental’ plant? Not so fast, please

Purple loosestrife was brought over from Europe in the early 1800s as an ornamental plant and as a medicinal herb. Loosestrife is now found in all contiguous states (except Florida) and in all Canadian provinces. Purple Loosestrife has stiff, four-sided stems; linear shaped leaves with smooth edges; and rose-purple-colored flowers that form in a long spike.

[Special thanks to Jamie Myers and the NPS for service above and beyond the call of duty. Jamie has considerable experience combating invasive plant species growing along the Upper Delaware, specifically Japanese knotweed and purple loosestrife. Providing guidance and resources to private property owners and community groups alike, Jamie has served on the steering committee for the Delaware River Invasive Plant Partnership and, more recently, on the executive committee for the Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership.]