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December 03, 2016
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Living the simple life; A house built for one

A: I do. I really want the self-sustainable thing to happen. I only want to grow enough food for me to live off of. I have a plan of putting in a root cellar. I have this amazing hill behind my building that I want to dig out and put a root cellar in there, for canning and storing food, and not have to rely too much on going other places. The wood on the land would be great for making paper, so I can make my own toilet paper. This year I’m looking into making a washing machine that can use rain or creek water and runs by hand. I want to slowly implement those things that don’t require you depending on the consumer world.

Q: What would you say to someone who wanted to move to a tiny house?

A: I would first tell them that they need to hire me to help them to do this. You can email me at I would tell them it’s really good to have someone there to go through your things, because it’s very important to downsize. I didn’t have that much stuff as it was, but I moved in there with all of my things. I had a shelf up here with all of my vases on it, and it was so ridiculous. I would coach them on letting go of things and realizing that if you’re going to actually live in a tiny home, you have to understand that things are just things, even if they have a sentimental value to them. You need to just bring what you need with you and the things you want to work with. It’s been fun figuring it out while I’ve been living here.