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December 03, 2016
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Living the simple life; A house built for one

Q: Does it ever get filled up with stuff? How do you deal with storing things?

A: With my in and out lifestyle, because I work all the time, I do come home and just plop things down. So it can get crowded very quickly. But for a living I organize and design spaces, so it’s in my nature to be able to easily put things away quickly. When I first moved there, I was like ‘everything I own is going in there.’ And I had collections of vases and a full dish set and it was very quickly that I got rid of everything and gotten myself to the minimal amount of things I need. I have two forks and two spoons and two of everything. I don’t have much stuff; I minimalized.

Q: Did that feel freeing?

A: Oh yeah, definitely. I built a shed too, because I have tools and things I need as well. So I needed to build a separate building for those things, and ended up storing yearbooks and trophies and T-shirts and even my tassel from graduation, all those kinds of things I was saving. I got to the point where I could get rid of those things too. Because it’s just a thing; I have that in my head, I’ll always remember what that T-shirt looks like; I don’t need that shirt sitting in a box. It’s very freeing to be like I can just pack up and go any time I need to.

Q: How does it feel to not have any rooms?

A: That was the part that I was trying to figure out. Originally my bed was a loft, so I could hang out underneath and have my computer and guitar, and I could paint down there; it was like my mini studio. But, it was too cramped; it was like ‘this is not comfortable.’ I took the loft bed out last year, and have my bed on the floor and it’s just interesting how the space can change with not having multiple rooms. Usually you have a room just for sewing, or just for sleeping or a kitchen, so it is interesting to be able to fit it all in one room and be comfortable with it. And it is just fine.

Do you have any future plans for what you want to do with it?