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December 09, 2016
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Hawley Silk Mill’s New Mill Market: A local treasure

The Mill Market in the Hawley Silk Mill carries an attractive and diverse array of local and specialty goods.
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“The idea for Mill Market actually came out of the farm-to-table philosophy of The Settlers Inn restaurant,” said Genzlinger. “Our goal is to provide the community with 70 percent or more of food within a 200-mile radius of Hawley.” Mill Market’s branding reiterates this concept with in-store packaging designating 50-, 100,- or 200-mile ratings (relating to how far the food travels). The other 30 percent is a thoughtfully selected combination of natural and international foods such as imported cheeses, specialty drinks and a good selection of specialty sauces and condiments such as pickled ginger and cheese-stuffed olives.

The store carries over 1,200 items, including farm-fresh produce plus a variety of locally sourced cheeses, breads, meats and sausages. “We also create locally themed gift baskets, and we can ship them to anywhere from our UPS center at the front counter,” said Anke.

Said Genzlinger, “If you like to cook and entertain, you can easily plan a four-course gourmet meal with the items we carry. At the same time, we complement the local supermarkets that don’t sell such diverse local and ethnic foods as we do. We do carry products from many of the local businesses in the area, such as Alpine Wurst & Meat Haus, or Calkins Creamery, both in Honesdale.” Mill Market also carries prepared meals, soups, sauces and entrees from Cocoon Catering Company and The Settlers Inn, for those who want the convenience of already prepared, high quality meals. “Stocking these local goods actually drives business to the local stores, farms and restaurants,” said Genzlinger. “That’s why we like to say that we are ‘locally driven.’”

Mission is ‘to educate’

The diversity of products at Mill Market is matched by the diverse mix of its shoppers. Weekenders and visitors love to stop by and sample the local foods, while the locals like shopping in a market that allows them to try various foods they may only find in restaurants. The market also carries a large selection of bulk foods such as grains, lentils, beans and rice. “Buying in bulk,” said Anke,” is a very affordable way to shop.”
There is also a wide variety of gluten-free products such as breads, cakes and pastas that can be found in many areas of the store, from frozen foods to snacks.