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Tusten Dems caucus for board seat September 17

September 6, 2012

UPDATE -- location of caucus is Lava Firehouse

The Tusten Democratic Caucus will be held at the LAVA Firehouse on NYS Route 52 on Monday, September 17, at 7 p.m. The Democratic candidate for the town board seat currently held by Andrea Reynosa will be selected.

If you are a registered Democrat in the Town of Tusten, you must be present to participate. No absentee votes are allowed.


I hope the registered voters of both the Democratic and Republican parties in Tusten take the time to attend their respective caucus and primary this next week as in typical and expected fashion, there is skullduggery afoot on the Tusten political scene. Ask yourself "why would the Town Clerk, who makes 26,000 per year be running for a $3200 seat on the town council? Could it be that since she can not hold both positions at once, she intends to quit the council seat as soon as she wins in order to enable the supervisor or board to hand pick her replacement? A variation worked so well in the last election, we are apparently about to see it done again. As usual a cynical, dishonest contempt for the democratic process seems to be the plan, second only to signing up the residents of the Narrowsburg Home with absentee ballots in its sheer arrogant spitting on the will of the majority. If it this the case, shame on all involved, and the sooner we the majority of citizens of this township throw them ALL out, the better off we will be.