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December 08, 2016
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A salute to spirit and courage

July 5, 2012

I am not naïve enough to believe that there aren’t people who delight in other peoples’ suffering. I observed this first hand as rumors, false accusations and fear surfaced about the Walls. It was evident that there was no level playing field for the Walls, their family and friends. Many had convicted the Walls before any factual evidence was brought forward. In the end charges were withdrawn, but even now, the facts and innocence have done nothing to stop the condemnation.

The Walls’ courage and strength through an ordeal lasting two and a half years astounds me, and makes me wonder how many of us could have withstood the continued gossip and attack. A recent trip to Salem, MA confirmed for me how rumor, false accusation and fear can destroy an individual’s reputation, not to mention the collateral damage that results. If you believed even one rumor without checking out the facts, you might pause to hope that others may never do the same to you.

The Walls’ countless hours of volunteerism for Shohola have been lost in the storm. Without their presence there is a noticeable void. People might be happy or even amused that the Walls are removed from township government and services, but they can never dampen or destroy the spirit of the Walls and their family and friends.

Nancy Eisenhauer
Shohola, PA