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‘Human Lard Dog’ kicks up some larks at NACL

June 7, 2012

HIGHLAND LAKE, NY — The Human Lard Dog and his 10-piece Band of Shy, featuring a stand-up horn section and the atomic-powered vocal cords of the glorious gospel-singing La’Delles will come to the NACL Theatre on Friday, June 8 at 6 p.m.
The Human Lard Dog is the alter ego of North Branch resident Steven Erdman, complete with his musical, whimsical and comedic sensibilities. Lard Dog sings his super catchy original songs with a voice hailed by critics as a cross between Chet Baker, Hank Williams and a wood chipper.

The show is part of the Deep Space Performance Residency program and marks Lard Dog’s return to the stage after a 10-year hiatus. The band features the gospel-inspired backup singers, Tamika McClellan and Nicole Holloway (“The La’Delles”), Marc J. Switko (“Vincenzo Love MeDo”) on drums, Peter Florance (“Yamtron”) on guitar, Cindy Rickmond (“Honey Babe”) on bass, Curtis Hasselbring (“Captain Foot Foot”) on trombone, Jay Collins (“Mighty Horn Yak”) on saxophone, Jeremy Beck (“MC Colander”) on keyboards, and Jason Dole (“He’s Ploop, Treat Him Nice”).

Lard says, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. Shyness is power. And eating pretzels and digging holes are among the finest of virtues.” Visit

WHERE: The NACL Theatre, 110 Highland Lake Rd., Highland Lake, NY.
WHEN: Friday, June 8 at 6 p.m.
COST: Tickets at the door cost $15-$25 (sliding scale) for adults, $5 for children under 12.
CONTACT: or 845/557-0694.