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“One man’s trash...

By Jonathan Fox
April 19, 2012 another man’s treasure.” Taking a peek into my garage, these words speak volumes. According to, this common expression has been “a popular proverbial saying in America since the late 20th century. Its basic meaning is that something which seems worthless to one person is often deemed valuable by another.”

While not (yet) a candidate for television’s “Hoarders” ( or any of the gazillion spin-offs crowding the airwaves, I have to admit, I love my stuff! That being said, something I “simply can’t live without” one day, often gets relegated to the “what was I thinking?” pile in a relatively short period of time.And with Earth Day just around the corner (on April 22), I do understand that even if I can bring myself to part with my treasures, it would be irresponsible to discard them wantonly.

Seeking a middle ground, I was thrilled to discover eco-genius Mike Morone, of North Chili, NY and his inspired, user friendly concept: “Give Your Stuff Away Day” (

Scheduled for Saturday, May 12, this national (and quite possibly, global) effort is something Morone has put a lot of thought into. Meticulous in detail, this guy seems to have covered all the bases for us (yes, us... I know I’m not alone) in providing helpful hints, lists of “dos and don’ts,” and a basic primer on what happens to all of those “treasures” that usually wind up clogging the landfills of the world, rather than simply being recycled for another’s pleasure, taking it’s rightful place on someone else’s mantel, so to speak.

Morone writes that “Many of us own valuable stuff we just don’t want anymore. But instead of giving it away or selling it, we allow it to clutter our households and businesses. Billions of great items are just wasting away, taking up space” Nodding maniacally in agreement, I read on—already making mental (I’ve been called worse!) notes and starting a list.