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Incompetence or… ?

March 29, 2012

At the February Shohola supervisors’ meeting, I characterized the board’s pulling of our highly regarded and knowledgeable Upper Delaware Council (UDC) representative on the day of an important UDC vote as incompetence. Shohola instead sent an alternate who abstained from the vote, stating that he didn’t know enough about the subject being voted on.

Mr. Hoeper’s inexplicable response to this charge of incompetence was the accusation that I had once told him, “You will never become supervisor unless you learn to be a politician, Greg.” He then continued, “and I says, you know what, Shirley, I will never learn to be a politician.”

If Mr. Hoeper thinks back on it, he will remember that he was already a supervisor when we had that conversation. I had asked him to use diplomacy in his position of power, and he’d replied that he didn’t want to be a “politician.” I explained that once you take a position in government, even on the township level, you are a politician.

So what does this have to do with the UDC vote?

I said at the township meeting that the sending of an alternate to the UDC meeting who didn’t know what he was voting on was incompetence.

Or was it…

After careful consideration of Messrs. Hoeper and Fluhr’s extremely weak responses to me at the supervisors meeting, I’m forced to reconsider, and have come to the conclusion that the board’s decision could indeed have been politically motivated.

Perhaps I should hope the decision was incompetence, because if it was politics, then Mr. Hoeper is indeed a politician; and if he was unaware of the decision, then our township is now running on only one supervisor.

Incompetence or politics—either way, it’s a bad situation for our township. Shohola deserves better.

Shirley Masuo
Shohola, PA

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