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December 06, 2016
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Cut ‘em some slack

February 9, 2012

So one of the first decisions by our new county legislature—to place the county’s tourism promotion contract out for bid—could have been handled differently and in a more open manner. But the honeymoon ended before it began.

Whaddya say we cut ‘em some slack? I wasn’t in the room, but I’m heartened by two things I read and one I didn’t. Reporting on Sullivan County Visitors Association (SCVA) President Roberta Byron Lockwood’s confidence in her organization—holding no resentment at all over a prospect of competition—was encouraging, and it’s refreshing to see legislative members self-reflect on how they might have handled things better. What I haven’t read is anyone saying the SCVA has done a bad job.

Dave Colavito
Rock Hill, NY