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Breathable caffeine due to hit stores,Schumer says not so fast

By Fritz Mayer
January 3, 2012

NEW YORK STATE — With coffee being the delivery vehicle of choice for millions, or perhaps billions, of people seeking a caffeine fax, and with it also being available in tea and soda, it’s not clear how much of a market there is for an inhaler that delivers a dose of caffeine in a powder.

According to the website promoting AeroShot, once you breath the stuff in, “You should feel the energy quite quickly since AeroShot is digested rapidly for a quick burst of energy boost.”

The website proclaims that the product, which is now available on the internet at, will be available on store shelves in New York in the middle of January, but Senator Chuck Schumer is trying to stop that from happening.

Schumer believes the product is going to be used by teenagers as a party aid. He wrote in a press release on December 22, “This product is nothing more than a party enhancer, designed to give users the ability to drink until they drop and it promotes dangerously excessive consumption of caffeine among youngsters and teens.”

He noted that the caffeine powder, which is mixed with B vitamins, has not been tested for safety by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and there is no age restriction regarding who can purchase it. He wrote to the FDA commissioner and asked her to review the safety and legality of the product, saying he was “particularly concerned about the use of this product by children and adolescents, as well as the potential for the product to be used by adolescents in conjunction with alcohol.”

The makers of AeroShot say it complies with FDA dietary supplement regulations, and “when used in accordance with its label, AeroShot provides a safe shot of caffeine and B vitamins for ingestion.” They say it is not intended for, nor marketed to, children under 12.

AeroShot is a creation of a company called Breathable Foods, which was started by Harvard professor David Edwards, who seems to want to revolutionize the way some substances are delivered to the human body. Breathable Foods first product, for instance, was a breathable chocolate called Le Whif, which allows people to enjoy the taste chocolate without all the calories.

But why would people want to use a caffeine inhaler? The website says, “It is easy to take with you, biking, skiing, paddleboarding, shuffleboarding, curling, or whatever you do that consumes energy. One other thing—because it does not involve drinking, and is digested soon after it lands on your tongue, the AeroShot helps keep your teeth clean of caffeine stains etc.”