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December 10, 2016
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Neo Pagans

December 8, 2011

How about that, an entire editorial hit piece on my family business. It used to be hard work was lauded not vilified. You question 200 years of my family’s stewardship of this property. You call on a government regulatory agency to beat me down for regulatory infractions. Job creation, employment, private property rights be damned if it does not fit your liberal neo-pagan world view. What next? Will you claim the Holbert Quarry causes cancer? Or is that just too ridiculous even for you to print. If your newspaper was as highly regulated as my quarry the only thing you’d be able to print is the classified section.

Wayne Holbert
Lackawaxen, PA

This is an area built on

This is an area built on industry. It was canals, trains, and highways that paved the way to the city for raw materials and now it is those same highways that pave the way for second home owners and transplants that are trying to bury your business.

Keep fighting. You were here first. They aren't all bad -- just the ones that think they are still in Long Island.