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December 04, 2016
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Response to Mr. Uretsky’s explanation

December 8, 2011

Really? I don’t think so.

Here’s why. When I spoke with Joe Canfield on Election Day, I recommended that he look into who was so cowardly as to send an anonymous mailing in the name of his candidacy with disparaging remarks about an opponent and when it was too late for the opponent to make a response. Mr. Canfield promised to look into it. Did he? No. It took the efforts of good citizens to find out. So did you send it, Mr. Uretsky, without Joe’s knowledge? Whether he knew or didn’t know, either answer is unacceptable for someone I would want as Supervisor. An oversight on your part? Totally not believable for someone as educated and aware as yourself.

Let me remind you that if you care about qualifications as you say you do: In all the years I attended meetings at Damascus from the late ’70s to a few short years ago, never once did I see Joe Canfield at a meeting, asking questions and showing interest in township affairs. For your information, Dolores Keesler was a meeting fixture at the inception of Damascus’ planning and zoning process. Her voice was one of civic-minded reason. Over the following years, she either attended or participated, pointing out all the while the need to work together. Her efforts helped to bring about collaboration leading to the rights you now enjoy. Without such thoughtful contribution you might have chosen to live elsewhere. Perhaps you’d be supporting gas drilling in Dimock right now.

Let me remind you that Mr. Canfield’s qualifications, or lack of such, to run and lead a township were not questioned prior to this when he first ran, unfortunately unopposed… a very lucky break. When the heat was on in his second bid, he relied on whatever list you could conjure to blow some pretty slick smoke. Anyone could have made those claims. Instead, Dolores took the high road and spoke from something good people admire: genuine concern, a background in education, a plan for the future of the township. She said and did nothing divisive. But that wasn’t good enough for you then. So please don’t make believe it is now. We are not fooled by “too little, too late.”

Jennifer Canfield
Damascus, PA