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Dimock residents ask: ‘What will we do for water?’

November 30, 2011

On November 30, residents of Dimock who had been receiving deliveries of water from Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation were scheduled to lose that source of fresh water in the latest round of a miserable situation that has left them to cope with contaminated water wells for nearly three years.

The outcome is a far cry from the solution proposed by the last secretary of the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), John Hangar, in October 2010, which promised the construction of an $11.8 million, 5.5-mile water main to restore water to the Dimock residents from the Lake Montrose treatment plant. The evolvement has left residents bewildered, angry and feeling as if they’ve been abandoned by the state agency they must rely on to protect their drinking water.

Resident Craig Sautner is so frustrated that he has resorted to placing daily calls to current DEP secretary Michael Krancer, Governor Tom Corbett and to DEP officials Scott Perry and Craig Lobbins. Sautner said he’s never heard directly back from Krancer or Corbett and that Perry and Lobbins have stopped speaking with him.

Instead, Sautner said he received a phone call from “Patrolman Wiley” of the Pennsylvania Capitol Police, threatening him with arrest for harassment if he persisted in calling. In a follow-up call he placed to Corbett’s office, Sautner said he was told that calling more than one time every three weeks may constitute harassment.

In support of the Dimock families, groups such as are asking citizens to begin placing calls to Krancer and Corbett expressing their concerns about the resolution of the situation. In the action “Occupy Harrisburg Phone Lines Rally to Fix Dimock’s Water Now,” Craig Stevens, of Marcellus Patriots For Land Rights and a sixth-generation landowner in Silver Lake Township, is urging callers to request that DEP require continued water delivery and restoration of the well water to original or better condition.

Corbett and Krancer are also invited to attend a rally in Dimock on December 6. “If the governor and secretary think the water is safe, they should come and drink it,” said Stevens. Details about the rally will be available at or or

Constitutional Right to Pure Water

In Pennsylvania all citizens have a Constitutional Right to Pure Water ... thus Julie Sautner and Craig Sautner and a wonderful familiar, and many of their fellow citizens being denied a basic moral right.

Outrageous, and Scandalous

This is an utterly outrageous action by PA DEP and Governor Corbett, that appears to be nothing short of extortion on their part, aimed against the families whose water was contaminated by Cabot Oil and Gas. Krancer and Corbett are attempting to force the families into accepting the deal that PA DEP made, behind the backs of these families, with Cabot.

It should be a criminal offense to pollute someone's drinking water well, perhaps on the level of horse stealing in 1872. Hang them, and hang them high. It should be transparent to all citizens that PA DEP, and this administration, is thoroughly untrustworthy in relation to fulfilling their duties to protect the citizens of Pennsylvania. Tar and feather them, and run them out of PA.

This is shamful. PA DEP, and Corbett, are corrupt racketeers. PA DEP and Corbett are prime examples of why the industry wants all regulation to remain in the hands of the states, instead of a powerful US EPA. These are the same hands that are fed massive amounts of money by the industry, and those hands will never take effective action against the shale gas industry. Look at the lack of actions taken in Wyoming, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana and now Pennsylvania. New York wants to formulate regulations that they are in no position to enforce, and have not performed the minimum cumulative environmental impact or health assessment study before formulating. Same thing with the Delaware River Basin Commission.

This is all a scandal.