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Canfield for Damascus

November 2, 2011

The forthcoming Damascus Supervisor election is very important. No matter who is elected, the Board will have to deal with a range of crucial issues, issues that require both understanding and expertise. The article by Tom Kane in the last issue of the River Reporter is a major contribution to the community, one that makes the choices very clear.

Joe Canfield clearly demonstrates that he understands the issues and that he has the skills needed for this position. Most significantly, he has a clear personal and professional track record of promoting communications within the community as a whole, overseeing specific tasks, such as road maintenance, and helping to create a balanced budget with no tax increases. On a personal level, he has helped create jobs, made his company’s equipment available to the township, and contributed the personal check he received from FEMA for storm clean-up, to the food pantry.

Delores Keesler is a very nice, well-intentioned, person. While she expresses herself very well, I am reminded of the old commercial, “Where’s the beef?” It is no surprise that there is none! There are no specifics and there is nothing to indicate any real understanding of the issues she would have to deal with if elected. She also fails to adequately disclose that she was replaced at the Damascus representative to UDC because she failed to carry out the explicit instructions given to her by the Board of Supervisors.

In my opinion the decision is clear. Our community is too important for us to take a chance on someone who lacks the qualifications for the position.

Mike Uretsky
Damascus, PA

I'm not kidding

Up left is the list, click on "Debates 2011". There are six questions posed to Delores Keesler, and Joe Canfield. Ms. Keesler answers every one. Joe Canfield answers none.

Why is that? Is that a responsible leadership example from a candidate for Damascus Township supervisor?

Who has the "beef"? Who is qualified? Mr. No Response, or Ms. Delores Keesler?

Lessors support lessors

Yes, Mr. Uretsky is a lessor, and so is Mr. Canfield. Are we to be surprised that Mr. Uretsky supports Mr. Canfield?

Mr. Uretsky asks, "where's the beef"? Then he states that Ms. Keesler has none, as in no "substance".

That is passing strange, since The River Reporter published a series of questions last week asked of the candidates. Ms. Keesler answered every one, intelligently, on point, and showed connection and compassion for every resident of Damascus Township.

Joe Canfield answered none, as in not one question answered. Despite this, Mr. Uretsky has the gall to portray Ms. Keesler as having "no beef". Then, he states that Ms. Keesler "lacks the qualifications" to do the job? What in the good Lord's name does he base that upon? His lease with Newfield or Hess?

It appears to me that Mr. Canfield is the one with no substance, and that Mr. Uretsky is a propagandist for his cause.