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Speaking up for Lutfy

November 3, 2011

I'm a Democrat, but regardless of my political affiliation, I vote for a person based on what I think they can do for our community.

I placed a large sign of support in my front yard for Pam Lutfy, who has dedicated herself for many years to serving people of Pike County. What truly upsets me is that people my neighborhood are unable to put their party affiliation aside for the betterment of Pike County. They have criticized me for putting signs in my yard that represent the people whom I, as an American Citizen, have every right and the choice to support.

Most amazing is that these same people claim that they would like to support Pam publicly, but if they do they will be kicked off the Republican committee. What a true disservice to all people of Pike County. We as American citizens are so fortunate to have the right to vote for our candidate of choice, yet are being bullied into having that right taken away from us.

I ask political leaders to please refrain from bullying and my neighbors to stop criticizing me for being strong enough to exercise my right to political freedom of choice. I support Lutfy openly, as she is the candidate I believe in and I respect your right to support her privately.

If you do not know Pam then you should try to speak with her for we are very lucky to have a true advocate for all the people of Pike County.

No matter what choice you make, remember to count your blessings. You have freedom of choice and should not permit others to infringe on your personal freedom. Be proud no matter who you support and set the best example for your children and grandchildren.

I did not write this to be judged or to judge others, but instead to reveal a problem that is becoming ever more present in our neighborhood.

Fran Rosario
Milford, PA