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Luchsinger is best for Cochecton

October 21, 2011

For supervisor of the Town of Cochecton, I will vote for Claudine Luchsinger on the Rural Heritage Party line. While I like and respect all the current board members, they have gotten themselves stuck in the mud on the issue of protecting the town from the hazards of heavy industries such as gas drilling. While some neighboring towns have been seriously exploring zoning enhancements that will preserve home rule and local control, Cochecton has remained bogged down in neutral on the road to the future. If the state and federal governments refuse to regulate reasonably, any town without its own protections will suddenly become a target for the most intense and potentially harmful activities. Claudine Luchsinger promises to take the “Drill Here” sign off Cochecton and replace it with a “Farm, Grow, Heal, Hike, Bike, Swim, Boat, Ski, Learn, Live, Laugh and Thrive Here” sign.

Why listen to me, you may ask. I am just an artist. What do I know? I have lived in Cochecton for 22 years and have participated regularly in Cochecton town business. I have educated myself fully on all the gas drilling factors. Like most artists, I tend to question established assumptions and authority and try to see any issue from all angles.

There is a storm approaching. Industry, like rain in a drought, can provide some benefit to a few, but too heavy, will bring a flash flood of woe to the many. Claudine Luchsinger and the Rural Heritage Party seek the high ground. There is so much work to be done to develop the sustainable economy of the 21st Century. Together we can keep beautiful Cochecton looking like it always has but giving like it never has before. Rural Heritage has come along just when we need it.

Allan Rubin
Cochecton, NY