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December 07, 2016
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Baby it's cold outside

January 20, 2011

Man, is it ever! Hard to believe that I’m still making the adjustment from “temporary snowbird” to the casual (?) pace of my own version of “life in the fast lane” but there you have it. I hit the ground running having made the transition... and a little cold snap surely can’t stand in my way.

And yet, the predictions are dire. Snow mixed with rain mixed with ice mixed with a little Jose Cuervo... well, just have to see how that goes. Après the deluge, I trot out the snow shoes and party like it’s 1999. Apparently, I am not alone, since a phenomenal crowd showed up at Benji & Jakes Brick Oven Pizza on Kauneonga Lake, NY over the weekend to celebrate...well, just to celebrate.

Sponsored by The Gays of Sullivan County (dot com) and hosted by the aforementioned Benji (and Jake), the upstairs salon swelled to capacity as the afternoon unfolded with music and merriment, par usual.

This group certainly knows how to throw a party and since, as always, there is something (or someone) for all, it is surprising that I don’t see even more familiar faces (come out, come out, wherever you are!). Personally, I had a great time, holding court and being the bon vivant that is expected of me. Making new friends is always welcome, and I made haste to do so, along with meeting up with neighbors (don’t ask- don’t tell) and old pals.

“Damn, I look good,” I thought to myself as I glanced in the mirror (for something completely different) knowing full well that I needed to pace myself. The Glamour & Glitz Dance-A-Thon at the Catskill Arts Society (CAS, www.catskillartssociety.org) in Livingston Manor, NY was calling to me as I sashayed through the throng, so I posed for a few pictures and moved on.

CAS had spent countless hours organizing their Glamour & Glitz vintage clothing and jewelry sale, and while I missed out on that (my spies tell me it was a huge success), I wasn’t about to bow out on dressing and dancing, so off I went. Before hitting the dance floor, I perused what was left on the racks, dejected that my size (diminutive) is rarely on hand. My gal pal managed to find several items, however, and happily added to the coffers to support this (IMHO) ultra-worthy organization.