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Gas news at a glance

August 4, 2011

Man killed in truck/car collision
John Jones III, a 57-year-old man from Brackney, PA in Susquehanna County was killed on July 29 when a truck hauling materials for natural gas drilling overturned onto Jones’s car at the intersection of Laurel Lake Road and state Route 29 in Liberty Township. State police said a commercial truck driven by James Robert Hoffpauir, 50, of Montgomery, Texas, was involved in the crash. A 17-year-old passenger in Jones’s vehicle suffered moderate injuries. The truck is owned by Casa Grande, Arizona-based Southeast Directional Drilling LLC. State police are investigating the incident.

WVIA explores gas drilling in wake of coal mining

WVIA’s “State of PA” program explores the issue of gas drilling in light of the state’s destructive legacy of coal mining in “Will Northeast PA get it right this time?” Featured in the discussion are John Quigley, former secretary of the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources; Bucks County Attorney Jordan Yeager of Curtin and Heefner, LLP; and Attorney Jeff Zimmerman, environmental law advisor to Damascus Citizens. See the one-hour show at

I wonder

.... is James Robert Hoffpauir, 50, of Montgomery, Texas, one of those "local jobs created" that the fossil fuel pigs promise us in the name of doing anything to get their lazy butt rich without lifting a finger (while those of us who choose not to lease our land, or those who do not own land, still must continue to work like we always have)? Will those who must still work benefit from cleaning the toilet in the motel where James Robert Hoffpauir, 50, of Montgomery, Texas is lodged? Or will the camper that James Robert Hoffpauir, 50, of Montgomery, Texas stays in up here increase local school enrollment?

Obie, you fell for the paper's clever

little gambit. How many automobile accidents in Susquehanna County does this paper report? Not many would be a safe answer. Why then, did the paper decide that this particular tragedy needed space in its pages? Simply because the paper is against drilling and this involved a person working for a gas company. The paper has been waiting for some naive clown to pick up the ball and run with it. The paper merely reported it, although it seldom concerns itself with Susquehanna County traffic. Why did it report this incident? It wanted you, or some other misguided soul, to be their puppet and say what they dared not. If it had been a truck hauling recycled plastics from here to Harlem, would the paper report the incident. Hardly. Yellow journalism is alive and well. A person died in this accident. Let's not allow the paper to make it into something it is not, or show less than proper respect for the family of the deceased. Don't be so easily led.

jesus christ....

once again your ignorance shows. SWOOSH right over your head.

My commentary had NOTHING to do with the reported MVA one way or the other.

Think a little DEEPER, Natural... you (maybe) can do it!

(Texas.... Texas... Texas... Texas... )

There was nothing "deep" in your comment..

The paper printed a story it normally would not, hoping someone would try to connect the dots to make it look bad for gas drilling. You were their stooge. No need to swear, or pray, in these comments. We need to remain civil, especially when a person has died.

oh please

spare me the moral high ground drivel after all the garbage you've propagated and all the lack of regard for human rights, property rights, the environment, and the well being and quality of life of those around you that you've spouted.

And seriously... I don't think you still get it at all. So who does that make who's "stooge"?