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December 03, 2016
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Mansion to be restored to former grandeur; wellness center for private and public users

August 3, 2011

After years of neglect and nearly 20 years with no occupant, the grand old mansion on Noble Road built by Mrs. Hortense Miller, a renowned Wayne County benefactor, will be renovated and opened as a wellness center and bed and breakfast.

The building was purchased by Monique Greenwood and her husband Glenn Pogue for an estimated $600,000. With the necessary and extensive repairs, the cost will be well over $1.6 million.

While the building will be owned in conjunction with her husband, Greenwood, an experienced innkeeper with a record of successful hospitality ventures, will be the sole owner of the business.

“I’m doing this because there is a need for this kind of service to people, and also because this grand building needs to be saved,” Greenwood said. “After the mansion is restored to what it was in the past, the old timers who remember it will be proud.”

With a bed and breakfast open to the public, the place will primarily be a wellness spa resort, catering to those who value a holistic approach to living, appreciating mind-body connections and the healing power of nature.

Referring to the cost for services, Greenwood describes it as affordable luxury.

“In these hectic days, people need to unplug their cell phones and tune into themselves,” she said. “They’ll be able to do that here.”

The finished product will feature 22 acres of open land, an English formal garden with a reflecting pool and tai chi and yoga classes on the plush lawn.

The mansion has 14 guest rooms with private baths, eight rooms for body work, like massage, and facilities for manicures and pedicures. A tea room will be open from 12 to 4 p.m. for outside visitors.

Daily cooking classes will be conducted on how to prepare nutritious meals.

A separate recreation building contains an Olympic size pool, with tennis courts, a basketball court and exercise rooms. People will be able to hold memberships in order to have access to the spa resort.

As for the number of employees, Greenwood says that she must begin with eight, though more will follow in the future.
Greenwood says she will live permanently in the spa with her husband and daughter, Glynn, spending some days in Washington, DC where she has a bed and breakfast. She has another in Brooklyn and two in Cape May, NJ.

The enterprise will be officially called The Mansion at Noble Lane and is expected to open in April 2012. “That doesn’t give us much time, but we’ll make it,” Greenwood said.