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Concerning next Tuesday’s referendum

July 7, 2011

The assertion that three town board members are “usurping powers from the supervisor” is fundamentally flawed, since our town is governed by a council (including the supervisor). That board was duly elected just as the supervisor was. Their vote totals are many times a multiple of the supervisor’s, who was placed in office by a mere five-vote win. That is hardly a sweeping mandate to overhaul the structure of town government, yet that is what we have seen time and again. The attempt to replace the town attorney without cause, re-directing grant proceeds without board approval, accepting bids verbally without the board’s knowledge, refusing to bring the bookkeeper’s position to a vote by the full board at their request, attempting to rescind all appointees to the Zoning Re-write Committee, the list goes on. Read the minutes of the town board meetings at www.tusten.org and you will see these and many more examples. Every voter should read the minutes of November 3, 2010 public hearing before voting on this referendum.

True, the supervisor’s office has the additional responsibility of administering the majority’s policies, but has no additional power of rescission or veto which trumps the majority. Three of five members voted to keep the procedure status quo. Their position is supported by precedent. The only usurpation is from the single member who would effect change against the will of the peoples’ representatives. In a democracy, the majority cannot usurp power from a single executive since by definition, power rests with the majority.

The River Walk

I am touched by these gentlemen's recent and very visible presence on the town's political scene and commend them for their patriotic fervor. Their concern for dissemination of grant monies recieved by the town is also admirable.
I hope their endeavors on behalf of the River Walk project, which will undoubtedly increase the value of their property by many many times are blessed with success. It is beyond me why the supervisor, whose property would also be similarly enhanced by what amounts to having the public pay for putting a deck with a million dollar view on the front of your property would not similarly avail herself of such an opportunity.
Obviously her outdated and antiquated ideas about honesty, integrity and the appropriateness of using government for personal and private advantage. An attitude never seen before, and totally foreign to Narrowsburg government in my 15 years of of observation.