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Some background on the Tusten vote

July 7, 2011

In answer to Tom Prendergast’s letter in last week’s newspaper, the town board majority voted to establish a bookkeeper appointed by the full Town of Tusten Board. The full board traditionally voted as a whole in agreement with the appointment; however, Supervisor Harrison took it upon herself to fire the previous bookkeeper and to take upon these duties herself. The supervisor has now changed her mind on assuming these duties and now wants to appoint a bookkeeper herself, after recommending that this position not be either established or funded in this year’s budget.

The board majority feels that it will be impossible to reliably fill the position with a competent individual who will be subject to both the term and whim of a sitting supervisor. If the job is not stable and the employee can be terminated every two years, who would take the position in the first place? The board majority recognizes this, and is taking the vote to the people on July 12 for them to decide and to take the decision out of any one person’s hands. The board majority understands the tough times all taxpayers are having, and will make every effort to make the position of bookkeeper the least financial burden possible, which now all board members realize is crucial to the operation of the town.

Carol Ropke Wingert
Narrowsburg, NY


This entire issue, directly underneath all of the high sounding hypocritical rhetoric about democracy, is a very flimsy cover for what amounts to selfish special special interest and cronyism, plain and simple. When the previous supervisor made a blatant attempt a few years back to eliminate the election for Highway Superintendent's position and make it a Supervisors appointment, no such howl went up. What about the Assesors position? Does anyone remember when we voted for that? When we lost our ability to ELECT this very lady as our Town Clerk, hardly a voice was raised, when the current APPOINTED town clerk then APPONTED that same now defeated supervisor to "assistant town clerk" where he could remain in governance over us DESPITE the "will of the people" to the contrary; WHERE WERE THESE SUNSHINE PATRIOTS THEN? And yet you DARE to question the motives of the current supervisor when she valiantly attempt to dismantle the despicable cabal of self serving chair warmers who have run this town for the last 15 years.