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Clearing underway for TGP 300 Line

May 11, 2011

The owners of this property across from the Wayne County Fairgrounds on Route 191 will have a front-row view of the activities associated with expansion of Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s 300 Line Project. Last weekend, right-of-way clearing activities took place just adjacent to the home depicted here.

The line is being expanded to transport natural gas which is being extracted from the Marcellus Shale further west in Pennsylvania.

Good news!

It sure is good to see that NYC and North Jersey will be able to acquire all the natural gas they will need well into the future. We like to be good neighbors to our friends to the south! A nice extra to all of this is the cash this project will inject into the local economy.

You can have the cash . . .

And all of the 1700 violations that the frackiing industry acquired last year in your state.


This project is only necessary due to your state's constantly increasing demand for NG. Good news for us though. It's great to finally see trucks, materials, workers, and progress!


I agree, its great now with people working, but what is it going to look like when they leave? And how will they leave it? If it's anything like what we've seen from them in other states, this place will end up a ghost town in about a decade. But I guess everyone that cashes in will be fine with that.

More Fear

Thousands of violations! Scary stuff. How many speeding violations were issued on Rt 17 last year? Maybe we should shut that down too. How will they leave the pipeline? Have you seen the old pipeline that's been there for decades? You probably didn't even know it was there. Honesdale will end up a ghost town. Now that's scary for several reasons (I hate ghosts as they remind me of my own mortality). Fat chance..... er... I mean wallet.

Not Fear Just Facts

Now we're comparing fracking to speeding on Rt 17? OK if you say so . . .

I've always been very aware of piplelines as I have one that runs adjacent to my property. I'm on the NY side of things and I was impressed at how clean a job they did last year when increasing it from 9 to 30-inches, but they weren't fracking.

I'm amazed at how you could turn a blind eye to all of those infractions, many of which are very serious to the environment.

Fair Comparison

I am comparing fracking to Rt 17. How many people a year die on Rt 17 on average? How many accidents? How many spills? How many truck and auto violations? Too many to count. What is the cumulative impact of all that traffic, noise, brake dust, rubber tire caps, smog, etc. etc. You don't know and don't care. Fracking on the other hand was surely the product if the great Satan himself although no one has been killed as a result. Let's understand the nature of violations. The more the state gives out, the more money they make. It is a sort of tax just as is ticketing speeders. Violations either show that the state is on top of these guys at all times or that they are unfairly targeting them however you want to look at it. Let's now discuss the ever threatened environment. We all now that there was a major spill in Bradford a few weeks ago. What's the body count? What's the fish kill? 0. I honestly think some people enjoy being scared. Go to a horror movie. Don't push your agenda on us. We can't afford it right now.

It's apples and oranges

So now we're comparing fracking with traffic and smog? A bit of a stretch no? Over 1,000 of the violations - that's in just one year alone - were serious enough to be classified as dangerous to the environment. Don't you agree that it's is a bit high? 1000 serious violations. I'm not including the 900 or so that were written up during the truck sweep. Those I agree are not a big deal, but many of the rest are. And to be clear I have no agenda. I am a registered republican that cares about the environment. I believe in small government, but I also believe we are the stewards of the land and that it is the most important thing to consider. Not profits or energy. I'm not trying to scare anyone, and everything I've written is fact. If it scares people, then maybe it should, because its the facts. Unlike your post which is riddled with sarcasm and innuendo.

What Facts?

Yes we are comparing fracking with traffic and smog. It is an unfair comparison because fracking hasn't been proven to harm anyone (therein lies your stretch). How many people have died as a result of fracking this year. Feel free to throw in any and all drilling related accidents. Now how many people died on Rt 17 or if you would prefer on any interstate highway. By your logic, traveling via auto is just too damn unsafe and should be shut down. If companies engaged in fracking were fined only 10 times you would only draw the conclusion that the enforcement agencies were all bought off. If they were fined a million times, you would assume that they are dangerous as hell. So that begs the question: What is the proper number of violations that would ease your tortured imagination? A moot point to be sure. You don't really care what the random number of violations or more specifically what they entail as long as it fits neatly into your anti drilling argument. The only real question is "Why are you personally against drilling?". The answer is one of the following:

1. You do not stand to gain from it. Classic "dog in the manger" syndrome.
2. You are comfortable with the status quo. Maybe a river guide or second home owner with enough financial holdings to not make a difference.
3. Despite the fact that not one water source has been contaminated due to hydrofracking in the United States you choose to believe otherwise. Faulty casings and methane migration don't count.

Obviously everyone thinks that what they believe are "facts" because if you believe in it enough it must be true. I challenge you to try stating exactly what your "facts" are exactly. Such as x number of people die every year because of fracking which is unacceptable compared to y number of fatalities on Rt 17 annually which is clearly within acceptable limits. I apologize for the sarcasm and innuendo, its just that sometimes I can't believe you people are serious either.

I will close with . . .

You can continue with your insults, as I'm guessing it's some type of defensive reaction. I'm not sure why you continue to relate this to traffic deaths. While I'm sure we're all concerned about safety, my main concern is the potential effects that this process has on the environment. I'm concerned about water extraction, the disposal of waste, and the chemicals that they are pumping into the ground. As well as everything else associated with this process. These are the reasons I do not support fracking.

Fair Enough

What insults? Is it insulting that I disagree with you or is it insulting that I wish to hear your logic? We are all concerned with the potential for danger but that is not in my mind a valid argument to quit living. There are inherent risks to landfilling tremendous amounts of trash in Dunmore. There are risks to refining crude oil. There are risks to crossing the street (17 or otherwise). It is not possible to put your garbage on the curb every Wednesday and be against landfills. It is not possible to drive to work every day and be against asphalt. So how is it possible to use fossil fuels every day yet demand they be extracted somewhere else and state the reason is fear of potential effects? Somebody has to live next to a landfill. Somebody has to live near a highway. Somebody has to live in a shale play. Everybody has to contribute in some way.