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December 10, 2016
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Hoeper is the way forward

April 28, 2011

If you drive the roads of Shohola, it becomes obvious that Greg Hoeper is running for supervisor. Posted proudly in front of many homes are campaign signs supporting that fact. It comes as no surprise why Mr. Hoeper has such a large following. When Mr. Steve Dellert abruptly resigned as supervisor, Mr. Hoeper was the person chosen to fill his seat. From the very first day he took on the title of supervisor, he has been a man of his word.

I fully support Mr. Hoeper because he fully supports the people of Shohola. On his campaign sign it states, “The people spoke and I delivered.” Yes, he certainly did. He listened, he investigated and he reacted. He made changes for this township that were desperately needed. He gave people hope that we could have our peaceful little town back. His true integrity showed many of the residents of Shohola that our voices will be heard, it doesn’t matter how big or small. For that, sir, I thank you.

Mr. Hoeper took the role of supervisor when Shohola was having a multitude of problems. The tenacity and courage he has shown within the time he has already served, is a quality I do not see in Mr. Brad Dellert, the previous supervisor’s son also running for Mr. Hoeper’s position. We want to continue to walk forward; with Mr. Hoeper that will happen. Mr. Dellert, I fear will lead us back to the way it was before. Do we really want to go backwards?

Guess it’s no secret who I’m voting for.

Kristine Guardino
Shohola, PA