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December 03, 2016
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Noise, road closure prompt pipeline complaints

By Vera Frendak
August 6, 2014

LACKAWAXEN, PA — One of the subjects of heated discussion at the Lackawaxen Township meeting on July 21 was the controversial Tennessee Gas Pipeline, which was approved by the federal government despite local opposition. The focus of complaint involved noise produced by a compressor on the pipeline, particularly when it starts up, and especially in the Fawn Lake Community. Neighbors said this noise is heard around the clock. During this time of year, the foliage blocks much of the noise; however, during the fall and winter, there is no muffling and the noise is considerably louder.

The board explained that the federal government has general, but not total jurisdiction over this issue. The residents suggested that perhaps representatives be sent out to witness the level of this noise. A suggestion was made that a noise barrier such as those seen on the side of highways be constructed, but this seems unlikely due to expense. The complaint will be a subject of continued investigation. Handling this situation immediately was felt to be of particular importance, since more pipeline compressors are scheduled to open within the county shortly.

Also of great concern to some residents is the closure of an entire road due during the installation of the pipeline. Closing this road completely will make emergency access to certain homes far longer than under normal circumstances, and several residents were outraged. The board assured the residents that while there was no chance of this closure not taking place, emergency services has already taken this into consideration and have come up with alternate access plans. Nonetheless, there will still be delays of several minutes, a fact that left some residents very dissatisfied.