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Clarification about the Narrowsburg School

By Brendan and Kathy Weiden
July 9, 2014

We would like clarify apparent misunderstandings of, and rectify misstatements made by others regarding our offer to the Sullivan West School Board (SWSB) for the Narrowsburg School building and the nearby 14 acre parcel.

First, the SWSB best-and-final bid request required bidders to submit one offer for both parcels. In response to the SWSB request, we bid $742,000 for the Narrowsburg School and the nearby 14-acre ball field lot. We were not present for the submission of the bids or the opening of the bid envelopes, but will have faith in the integrity of the SWSB bidding process, assume all was conducted in a fair manner, and assume no favoritism was shown, and no advantage provided to either party by any members of SWSB.

Second, we demonstrated to the SWSB that we were in a position to pay all cash. While we did indicate our intention to secure a mortgage on the property, our offer was not contingent on obtaining a mortgage. If this was a factor in their decision, the SWSB could have requested a clarification. We can only assume that this was not a factor and that the SWSB acted on one factor only, and that was the price.

Since we are not the party now in negotiations with SWSB to execute a sales contract, we have put on hold our plans for the development of the school while the SWSB and the winning bid party, the Butos, proceed.