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December 03, 2016
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Changes rehab addresses local concerns

By Joan and Robert Buto
June 25, 2014

First, Changes [Treatment and Recovery, Inc.] would like to thank the Sullivan West Central School Board for all of their hard work and time spent. It was no easy task, knowing how people felt, to make this decision. Secondly, we would like to clear up some of the confusion and misconception that we have been reading about:

Yes, we are a for-profit facility and will be paying taxes. We will be providing employment for professionals, para-professionals and staff at wages reflective of their education, training and skills in the long run and for construction and related building trades in the short run. Our facility is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so please do not compare us to the Kelly’s home. Our facility is much different than the Kelly’s home facility and their clients who suffer from mental illness and who are wards of the state, quite possibly because their drug or alcohol addictions were never treated. We take recovery very seriously and are committed to helping those that want to recover and lead a productive and sober life.

We read a comment, “no rehab in my backyard.” So if we all do nothing about it, we won’t have a rehab in our backyards, we will have addicts. Our facility is built around clients who need help and voluntarily enter our facility in search of the ability to free themselves from the clutches of addiction….

At Changes, we pride ourselves in promising that any client who enters our treatment program with insurance and has been accepted for a 30-day period, will not be dropped or sent home should their insurance fail to pay or be discontinued while in treatment. We firmly believe that clients benefit from a smooth transition from one level of care to the next as they gain the necessary skills for a successful recovery…. Research has long shown that the longer a client stays in treatment and stays involved within a recovering community, the better the client’s chances are for long-term sustained recovery. We also offer a limited number of scholarships for those who have no insurance or can’t afford to pay. We need people who are insured to cover those that are not. Unfortunately, the staff does not work for free and no one but us pays the bills at the facility….