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Reviewers contribute to the arts

May 28, 2014

In response to Bill Duncan’s temper-filled response to the review his play received in the paper last week, I am compelled to ask him to search for restraint and professional behavior. If we are to develop as an artistic community, we must embrace both the work of artists and critics. Instead of complaining because Mr. Fox didn’t like your play as much as other audience members did, enjoy the dialogue, think about it and be open to criticism—even if it stings. Yes, everyone has an opinion, and thank God our newspaper embraces those differences of viewpoint.

Mr. Duncan, as a fellow theatre artist, I would like to point out one other thing. We are actually quite lucky to have Mr. Fox write about our theatre work. As we all know, the theatre is struggling to remain a relevant popular art form in 2014, and Mr. Fox’s attention to our theatre effort, whether we like it or not, helps keep us part of the cultural milieu.

And so I say thank you, Mr. Duncan for making your play (which I did see on opening night), thank you Mr. Fox for your reviews and continued effort to write about art. I do hope we can continue, all of us, to build a dynamic culture of creativity, to conduct ourselves with elegance, and to keep intelligent conversation about art alive and thriving.

Tannis Kowalchuk
Highland Lake, NY
[Tannis Kowalchuk is artistic director at the NACL Theatre.]