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December 09, 2016
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Tusten 2.0: Pedestrian friendly, energy efficient

This map shows the areas included in the Narrowsburg Master Plan, created by architect Buck Moorehead and a committee. The plan hopes to make Narrowsburg more pedestrian friendly, as shown by the walkways depicted by the dotted line in this photo.
Contributed graphic taken from the Narrowsburg Master Plan

By Isabel Braverman
April 9, 2014

NARROWSBURG, NY — At a public hearing at the Tusten Town Hall on April 7, the Narrowsburg Master Plan was presented. The plan is comprehensive and long range, intended to guide growth and development in Narrowsburg. The Town of Tusten invited architect Buck Moorhead to assist the town with a conceptual development and redevelopment design plan for the hamlet of Narrowsburg. For the past year and a half, Moorehead and a committee worked to conceptualize the master plan, which they say is a “long-term vision” for Narrowsburg. Below are highlights from the plan. To view the entire plan, go to www.tusten.org and click on “Hamlet of Narrowsburg Master Plan.”

New Observation Deck, enhancement of Tusten Veterans’ Memorial Park and pedestrian link along Delaware River

Former bus garage

The property owner has created a garden behind her property and has proposed the possibility of creating a pedestrian trail connecting that garden to the community garden behind the library.

Municipal parking

The municipal parking area is one of the few public parking areas currently located within the hamlet. The intention, long term, is to negotiate easements with adjacent property owners in an effort to maximize the parking capacity of the hamlet, especially when Main Street is closed for events.

Library/Town Hall
Opportunity to create a civic center/town square. Use the space behind the library for additional parking, as well as put a rooftop garden on the library.


Town of Tusten to encourage potential future uses including multi-purpose business incubator center, hotel, or senior housing. Town to negotiate municipal use of parking facility. Encourage use of building that is a positive contribution to the local economy.

Downtown business expansion
Development of this area provides an opportunity to reinforce a pedestrian link between the two existing business areas of the town: Main Street and the Peck’s shopping area.

DeMauro pedestrian link
Create a safe, enhanced pedestrian path connecting Main Street to campground area as well as a safe path from the campground to Bridge Street and Main Street.

Firemen’s Field
Proposed actions include maintain ballfield to south, use the field for large-event parking with a shuttle and install solar power.

Vision for Narrowsburg

1. Create an atmosphere and physical environment that encourages and reinforces pedestrian activity within the hamlet area, with the understanding that this high quality pedestrian experience will improve the quality of life for Tusten residents, as well visitors to the town, thereby creating potential economic benefits and economic growth within the town.

2. Develop greater parking capacity within the hamlet area

3. Develop more locations for potential commercial and light manufacturing/industrial development to occur

4. Define and develop the town center, incorporating municipal, civic and cultural functions.

5. Develop renewable energy strategies for the hamlet area

6. Integrate the hamlet and town within larger scale regional movement systems, including mass transportation and hiking trails.

7. Integrate the hamlet and town within larger scale regional ecological and economic systems, including flood mitigation, climate- change mitigation and adaptation, and economic strategies that reinforce agriculture and tourism related to the region’s natural resources.