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Letter of resignation from Glenn Swendsen

By Glenn Swendsen
March 12, 2014

[The letter below was sent by Town of Tusten Highway Superintendent Glenn Swendsen to the Tusten Town Board on March 10.]

Dear Supervisor Wingert and Town Board,

It is with mixed feelings that I submitted this letter of resignation to the town clerk. I care about Tusten and have tried to give the job of Highway Superintendent 110%. When elected in 2011, I saw people were looking for something better. I tried not to let them down, working every day with the men, cutting waste from the budget, and trying to provide better service for less money. I could not have done this without the assistance of Steve and Karen, who guided me through the superintendent’s responsibilities and financial aspects of the job. Thank you! The Board—Carol, Andrea, Tony, Eileen and Norman—supported me, and I think appreciated me, too. Thanks also to Kathy and Dom, for all their help. And, of course, the highway guys.

I took the 2013 election landslide results as a vote of confidence in me and the way I have been running the Highway Department. This has been one of the coldest and snowiest winters ever and has taken a toll on the patience and stamina of us all. But everyone I met in the street thanked me and said that we have been doing a great job. To save the town money, I was out on the roads myself at night, since I am salaried. Most nights I was out at 2 a.m. checking and sanding as needed. Then during all the snow storms I was out every day with the men. Everyone who knows me knows that I never complain, I just do the job right.

Recently one of the highway employees resigned to take another job, and I filled the position with a person I had interviewed from the previous applications. One board member took exception to my action, which was in accordance with the Highway Agreement which states that the selection of applicants to fill positions will be at the sole discretion of the Superintendent of Highways. That board member wanted to create a hiring policy telling the superintendent how to perform his elected position, beginning his unwarranted abusive behavior towards me.