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December 02, 2016
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More than one point of view

April 7, 2011

I strongly support the op-ed by Ken Mayers in the March 31 issue concerning a gas-drilling alliance in Northeast Pennsylvania. I, too, am a member of such an alliance. I joined for the same reasons: to help ensure that what I saw as inevitable eventual drilling was going to be done in the safest possible way to protect our land, air, and water. I thought that the alliance might supply some form of support and protection in the event of accidents or contamination.

I have been complaining to the steering committee of that alliance for a long time about their pro-industry, anti-regulation stance, and their presenting those positions as spokespeople for all the members of the alliance. My objections are never heard by other members of the alliance. Only the members’ statements friendly to the steering committee’s agenda are sent around to the membership at large.

I would never have signed a lease if my land were big enough to support a well (my husband and I have only three acres), and 100% of the small amount of money I have received I have donated to organizations trying to protect our local environment.

I hope others in the alliance who feel the same way will also speak up about their concerns.

Katharine Dodge
Lake Ariel, PA