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December 04, 2016
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Voter sees choice between ‘experience’ and ‘change’

October 30, 2013

Last week, the Monticello Rotary Club and Thunder 102 Radio sponsored a Candidates Night in the Town of Thompson. There are four men vying for two seats on the town board. Questions were posed by the media, and the only reasoned and thoughtful responses came from Richard Sush, who is seeking re-election as a councilman. He was clearly the only person who knew the issues, who had a strategy for bringing business into the town, who had any experience in municipal government, and who has a track record of listening to the residents and responding to their needs. The other candidates are running on the platform of “we’re new and we have to start somewhere.” They stated that they were for “change”. However, they could not articulate what that “change” should be or how, and if, a town board could initiate that “change”.

Sush is running on the platform of “experience counts.” He started his public service career on the town planning board and then, as he gained experience, decided to run for town council. He did not presume to understand the workings of the largest town in Sullivan County by attending a few meetings here and there. Richard looks at an issue from every point of view and decides on what would be most beneficial to the citizens of the Town of Thompson.

When one of the candidates said that he wants to take Thompson in a new direction, Sush responded, “Thompson is on the rise. What other direction would you want to take us?”

There are many big projects currently being proposed in the Town of Thompson. We need someone with experience to manage and shape them. Richard Sush has that experience. I will be voting for Richard Sush on November 5 and I urge you to vote for him, too.

Helen Rados
Harris, NY