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PA voter ID law blocked for 2013 election

By Fritz Mayer
August 16, 2013

A judge in Pennsylvania has decided that the state's controversial voter ID law may not be enforced in the 2013 election.

Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard McGinley also ruled that the state may not verbally tell voters at the polls that photo IDs may be required in the future.

Because of a legal challenge the law was blocked in the 2012 presidential election and in the primary election in May.

Democrats have strongly opposed the law, saying it would make it more difficult for poor and minority voters to vote.

Before the trail began, state attorneys stipulated that they knew of no instances of in-person voting fraud of the type that the law was intended to prevent having occured in Pennsylvania or any other state.

Supporters said the law would ensure integrity in the voting process, and would not impose a burden on voters.

Senator Bob Casey released the following statement regarding the statement

"The Commonwealth Court’s decision to strike down voter ID for the 2013 elections is a victory for equal access to the ballot in Pennsylvania. I hope that this decision is a precursor to permanently striking down this misguided and ill-conceived law. From the beginning, this law has been designed to prevent Pennsylvanians from exercising their right to vote and has impacted residents young and old from urban and rural counties. Whenever Pennsylvania’s so-called ‘Voter ID’ law has been held to a test of basic fairness it’s failed. It’s time for the state to stop defending this politically motivated legislation. Those pursuing this law need to ask themselves hard questions about whether it’s the role of government to put roadblocks in front of seniors, veterans and ultimately all Pennsylvanians who want their voices heard at the ballot box."