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Lackawaxen zoning change would widen commercial areas

By David Hulse
June 26, 2013

Mike Mancino’s plan for a commercial stable is awaiting the completion of the township’s amendment of its zoning ordinance. Lackawaxen is resolving several zoning issues in an amendment.

The amendment would increase the depth of commercial overlay from 500 feet to 1,000 feet, from the western end of Route 6, east to Greeley Corners and on Route 434 from Greeley Corners to the Route 590 junction.

It would also move a zone for trailer parks, which is now a portion of the Blue Herron Woods, where trailers aren’t allowed, to Laurel Woods.

Solicitor Anthony Waldron said the amendment finalization was delayed because the map of the area has not been posted for public inspection.

Waldron said none of the changes would impact property assessments; however the increased commercial area could enhance resale and then prompt reassessment.

Mancino is involved because he is also seeking a reduction in the setback requirements for his stable buildings from neighboring properties, through a zoning change.

Supervisors’ chair Brian Stuart said Mancino had “a compelling case for a variance, but zoning applies to everyone.”

The township proposed a reduction from 200 feet to 150 feet, but Mancino produced setback data from many other townships, who were said to require much less of a setback. Lackawaxen’s setback “appears arbitrary,” he said.

“Each Pennsylvania township is able to do what it wants,” Stuart said.

In May, Mancino received a conditional use permit for a 25-acre riding stable on Route 590, with a highway trail-crossing to 75 acres on the north side of the highway. A mapping issue with the process last Monday left Mancino able to operate his stable, but unable to use the land across the road.

Aside from the increased riding space, the new land is important because he wants to acquire more horses, but Lackawaxen zoning allows only one horse per acre, Mancino said.

Since the mapping and posting problems were going to require a zoning re-hearing, Waldron suggested that the supervisors would have some time to consider Mancino’s setback request.

Stuart directed Waldron to resolve mapping issues before the new hearing date, July 15.

“So can I do business?” Mancino asked.

“Yes,” Stuart replied

“But I can’t cross the road?”

“Yes,” Stuart said.

In other business, the supervisors adopted Ordinance 98, a Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Act, allowing tax advantages for redevelopment of blighted properties in the township.