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Putting scrutiny in the wrong place

March 24, 2011

In response to last week’s letter “Time for a Change in Shohola,” regarding our town’s recent struggles with self-serving politicians and intimidating bullies, I would say that “ignorance is easier than admitting when one is wrong.” Ms. Eisenhauer and her handful of loud and disruptive associates, who call themselves Citizens for Open Government (CFOG), have been digging for a way to blame George Fluhr and Greg Hoeper for the unrest and distrust that has infiltrated our peaceful little town of Shohola for the last year and a half.

It is clear to most reasonable people that there are no nefarious plots being hatched by these two supervisors for personal gain, nobody is trying to punish the fire department, make a fortune off gas drilling or even refuse to answer questions or deny access to public records. There simply is no basis for these ridiculous accusations. Time and energy would be better spent by Ms. Eisenhauer and her fellow CFOG’ers placing supervisor Nelia Wall and her husband, fire chief Don Wall, under the same scrutiny to which they insist on subjecting all others who dare disagree.

George Fluhr and Greg Hoeper have stepped up to the plate to help clean up corruption in Shohola. They have shown courage and integrity while trying to restore Shohola back to an honest and friendly place to live. The one thing on which Ms. Eisenhauer and I do agree, is that we should certainly remember that come election day.

Jenni Hamill
Shohola, PA