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December 03, 2016
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Kite festival at the college

A kite flyer sporting a crash helmet wrestles with the largest kite in the area. It was heavy enough that the operator had to wait for a stiff breeze to lift it into the air. When it was finally up, it soared above the meadow for a minute or two before crashing back down to earth.
TRR photo by Fritz Mayer

May 8, 2013

Winston Churchill once famously said, “Kites ride highest against the wind, not with it.” And so, at any given time, there were dozens of kites rising against the wind on May 4, at the 22nd Annual SUNY Sullivan Kite Festival on the great lawn.

There were panda kites, snake kites, kids with kites and dads with kites. Hundreds of people turned out to the event that provided nearly perfect kite-flying weather.

The kites bobbed and weaved, soared and dipped and from a distance looked like a kind of puppet show in the sky. For a look at a video from the day, visit the multi-media page on www.riverreporter.com.