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December 03, 2016
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‘Thank you’ to our legislators for saving money

March 20, 2013

For months now, Sullivan County Legislators Cora Edwards, Cindy Gieger, Kitty Vetter, Gene Benson, and Alan Sorensen have been criticized and vilified by some for trying to do what they were elected to do, namely fix county government and its related financial problems.

Changing any entrenched system is a slow and difficult process, but these legislators have worked long and hard to accomplish just such changes. They have championed open government to eliminate back-room deals that foster ineffective and destructive cycles of raising taxes, eliminating jobs and slashing services to deal with deficits. They have scheduled public forums and town meetings to inform residents of critical issues confronting the county. They set up advisory review panels that have already saved the county hundreds of thousands of dollars, with promise of more savings to come. And most importantly, they are exercising their duty to oversee county contracts and financial dealings to ensure that county taxpayers and residents get the best deals and services for their money.

In working to balance the budget by eliminating waste and lowering governmental costs, while retaining essential service programs, these legislators are ensuring the future wellbeing of Sullivan County and its residents. They have earned and deserve our profound gratitude. Keep up the good work.

Star D. Hesse
Narrowsburg, NY