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‘Good ole boy politics’

February 27, 2013

Some noted person once said, “All politics is local,” an aphorism exemplified by a story about a political and stunning socialite’s ensnared pooch. On February 8, under the headline, “Illegal trap ensnares pooch by lake,” The Sullivan County Democrat published an in-depth article about Michelle Resnick’s missing and trapped dog. Two Sullivan County police officers were involved in bringing about the dog’s [Chloe] rescue, and a joyous reunion for the Resnick family with their very injured dog.

The well written article was so in-depth that the only thing not mentioned was the dog’s weight. The article mentioned trappers’ rules and the size of the trap and its location, as well as Sheriff’s Deputy Rich Morgan’s “struggle over an embankment.” Ending the article was a tips hotline (800/847-7332) to report illegal trapping by “poachers.”

The point here is: what if this was Jane Doe’s dog? Would it have received the same news nobility as Michelle Resnick’s dog? Probably not.

You ask—why not? Michelle Resnick is the director of marketing and executive assistant with the Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development (SCPED). Furthermore, Fred Stabbert III is publisher of the Sullivan County Democrat and is also politically associated with the SCPED as its chairman.

Hence, the “good ole boy politics” that is omnipotent throughout Sullivan County.

Chris Leser
Burlingham, NY