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Mort Malkin walks his talk

October 31, 2012

UPPER DELAWARE REGION — With the general election looming, Milanville, PA resident Mort Malkin has taken to the streets to draw attention to the fact that voters have more than two candidates to choose from when casting their vote for the nation’s next president on November 6.

Malkin’s “Metaphorical Long Walk” was conducted on October 28 to raise awareness that, “There are more than two political parties in this election and voters should consider alternatives to, and have political freedom from, the two parties,” said Malkin.

In all, Malkin walked approximately 30 miles, speaking with people along his path and also promoting his candidate of choice, Jill Stein, the presidential nominee of the Green Party (

“I held off the hurricane for an extra day so that I could do this in good weather,” joked Malkin, who left Narrowsburg at 6:45 a.m. on Sunday and walked to WJFF radio station in Jeffersonville, where he was restored with food and fluids provided by Nature’s Grace and Weis supermarkets.

Afterward, Malkin continued to Youngsville and White Sulphur Springs, finishing up in Liberty. Malkin was joined by Tracey and Mike Ranze, who drove a support car and alternated walking with him.

It’s not the first time that Malkin has taken a long walk to raise awareness of issues he cares about. The 80-year-old veteran walker, who has logged countless thousands of miles throughout the region, began his walks at the age of 60 and has since completed 13 walks. “I thought I’d be a little stiff today, but I feel very good,” said Malkin before heading off to bring in another load of firewood. “I expect I’ll continue doing these.”