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December 02, 2016
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Big salaries for city managers

October 25, 2012

I recently read an article on the subject of reducing the salary (plus I’m sure other perks) of city managers, which is currently over $150,000 annually. Without a doubt this seems like a very intelligent decision.

I would go further to say that all municipalities, schools, corporations and so-called “not-for-profits” should review their salary schedules and reduce many of those high-paying salaries for those who probably don’t do much more than sit behind a desk giving orders to their sometimes many assistants, who then might intelligently do the delegated work laid out by the high-salaried “boss,” who often has a title and little common sense.

I can’t imagine that, other than doctors, lawyers, engineers and maybe a few others, [city managers] should be making this money in an area of Sullivan County, which is certainly deplorable as far as the economy is concerned.

Let’s start thinking intelligently, legislatures, school boards and other elected officials, and get back to reality when it comes to salaries for government workers.

Phil Mullen
Liberty, NY