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Who will follow Hinchey?

October 18, 2012

This is in support of Julian Schreibman for Congress in the 19th district, which includes all of Sullivan County. I have met and had lengthy conversations with Julian, an affable, highly intelligent and warm individual, who strikes me as genuinely concerned with the common people’s health, safety and economic welfare. We discussed his father’s artwork, his family, his prosecutorial work pursuing Osama Bin Laden and his insistence that fracking, if not made clean and safe, should not be done. I trust Julian to carry on the legacy he will inherit from Congressman Hinchey, the finest political figure I’ve ever met.

I don’t know Mr. Schreibman’s opponent, but I went to his website and read his plans and promises. Congressman Gibson seems to be part of the obstructionist Congress bent on defeat of President Obama and his agenda for strengthening the middle class, the real job creators. We’ll never know how much more progress Obama might have made if they hadn’t blocked his every move in favor of more perks for those who are already doing just fine. Tea Party trickle-down, which has morphed into a flow upwards to concentrate all wealth in a few hands, is the wrong direction for our nation and should be rejected once and for all. It’s not even in the best interests of the common folks who have been confused into supporting it.

I will vote for Julian Schreibman. I hope you will, too.

Allan Rubin
Cochecton, NY