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December 07, 2016
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Arrests in Narrowsburg break-ins

By Fritz Mayer
September 26, 2012

Two men were arrested in connection with three break-ins in Narrowsburg last week. On September 24, New York State Police arrested Michael Wilson, 18, of Callicoon, and Joseph Flora, 19, of Beach Lake, PA, and charged them each with three counts of burglary.

The break-ins were reported on September 20 and involved St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Narrowsburg, the Narrowsburg Branch of the Western Sullivan Public Library and the Tusten Town Hall.

According to the Rev. Phyllis Haynes, pastor of the church, the thieves left the church office in disarray and made their way into a locked room where valuable communion ware was stored. The thieves stole four silver chalices, one silver plate (paten), one silver pitcher with a hinged lid (flagon) and one ciborium (shorter chalice-shaped vessel with a separate lid which holds the communion wafers).

“One of the chalices was engraved with Latin words around the rim. The lid on the matching ciborium had a cross-shaped handle. Both had yellow decoration around their stems,” Haynes said.

According to Penny Lohr of the Narrowsburg Branch of the Western Sullivan Public Library, the library was also broken into that night, as was the town hall, the antique store on Route 97 and a house in the Flats.

Lohr said the library had also been broken into the previous night, when the thieves stole the bills in the petty cash drawer. The next night they stole a 40-inch television, a computer, a monitor and a laptop.

Ed Jackson, chairman of the Tusten Planning Board, confirmed that the town hall was broken into. He said the intruders broke into his desk, though there was nothing there to steal. Still, he said, the lock on the desk will have to be repaired.

A police press release said that some of the stolen property had been recovered, but at press time it was not clear if the communion ware was included.