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December 10, 2016
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Copyrighted photo by David B. Soete

RIVER VALLEY — As many people know by now, founding father Ben Franklin thought more highly of the American Turkey than the American Bald Eagle and wrote as much in a letter home from France in 1784.

Catfish in the Upper Delaware

NARROWSBURG, NY — Louie Gocek said he thinks channel catfish are just about the best-tasting fish in the Upper Delaware River. He posed with his catch after a night on the river.  Read more

Callicoon Center parade of firefighters

CALLICOON CENTER, NY — A parade of fire trucks and fire fighters marched down through the center of town on September 6 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Callicoon Center Volunteer Fire Department.

Fire companies from around the region joined in the celebration, with contingents from Youngsville, Roscoe, Livingston Manor, White Sulphur Springs and Callicoon, as the celebrated Callicoon Center Band provided a musical backdrop for the occasion.  Read more

New York City discovers Honesdale; Concern that vandals will tarnish tourist business

HONEDALE, PA — The September 8 meeting of the Honesdale Borough Council was all about growing, protecting and burnishing Honesdale’s new identity.  Read more

Suicide legislation introduced

HARRISBURG, PA — Pennsylvania State Rep. Warren Kampf has co-sponsored legislation to require that psychologists and therapists receive continued training to identify the warning signs of suicide. House Bill 2461 is named the Matt Adler Suicide Prevention Continuing Education Act.  Read more

Minisink gas leak closes road

MINISINK, NY — Dozens of emergency vehicles rushed into Minisink and blocked Jacobs Road on the evening of September 7, when a strong gas smell was detected in the vicinity of the Minisink compressor station, shortly after 7 p.m. Volunteer Fire Department officials reported the leak to Millennium/Columbia Gas, with fire and EMS vehicles stationed all along the road. Columbia Gas representatives arrived at approximately 8:45 p.m. and deemed the situation as safe, before dispersing the emergency response units.  Read more

Suspect jumps into river

MATAMORAS, PA — On September 8, at approximately 2:30 p.m., officers from the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department conducted a traffic stop on a red Honda Civic that was suspected of being involved in retail thefts that were under investigation.

The driver, Carol Baran, 53, of Port Jervis was taken into custody. Her son, Brian Baran, was handcuffed and being placed into a patrol car when he pulled away from the officer and jumped off the Matamoras/Port Jervis bridge into the Delaware River.  Read more

Sullivan County DPW lawsuit

MONTICELLO, NY — The law firm of Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein issued a press release on September 5, claiming a victory for Laborers’ Local 17 in New York State Supreme Court, when Sullivan County Justice Stephan G. Schick rejected a challenge by Sullivan County to prevent the union from arbitrating a dispute involving the failure of Sullivan County to maintain a workforce of 128 employees in the County’s Department of Public Works (DPW).  Read more

Smallwood golf course discussed

MONTICELLO, NY — After a bit of tension, the board of the Town of Bethel and the Sullivan County Legislature seemed to have reached an agreement about how the former Smallwood Golf Course property will move forward.  Read more

Collecting tires from the West Branch

River guide Patricia “Sam” Decker was one of 32 volunteers and nine drift boats that answered the call to help clean up the Mud Flats above Balls Eddy on the West Branch of the Delaware River. Many bags of trash were collected and an astonishing number of old tires. The day was organized by the West Branch Anglers, Friends of the Upper Delaware River (FUDR) and Patagonia Inc. According to Jeff Skelding, executive director of FUDR, there will be two river cleanups planned for 2015.  Read more

UDC: Pond Eddy bridge work ‘going to get somebody killed’

NARROWSBURG, NY — The Upper Delaware Council on September 4 directed the drafting of a letter to Pennsylvania authorities warning of the danger of state plans for boating traffic during upcoming construction of a new Pond Eddy interstate bridge.  Read more

Narrowsburg school sale falls through

According to a source who has been reliable in the past, and is familiar with proposed sale of the Narrowsburg School, the deal fell through at the closing table either on September 12 or the previous day.

The source said the attorneys were at the closing table and Joan Buto, the person who wanted to buy the school and turn it into a drug and alcohol rehab facility, appeared at the closing and raised the price of the school from $751,000 to $1.5 million, doubling the asking price.  Read more

Port Jervis hospital examined

PORT JERVIS, NY — Bon Secours Hospital came under scrutiny at the Port Jervis council meeting on August 25. Although it recently qualified for a $4.3 million grant from the state, it’s ‘just a band-aid’, according to Mayor Kelly Decker. The hospital is in such dire straits, the grant will barely keep it afloat, and Decker wants there to be a more comprehensive plan for the future of the hospital. “We want the town to be involved in it,” he said.  Read more

Setting seeds for new Wayne business

HONESDALE, PA — The Wayne County Commissioners’ efforts to aid and grow the county’s economy continued on August 21 as the panel approved a new business incubator.  Read more

Pennsylvania to join Obamacare

HARRISBURG, PA — With his polling numbers looking as bad as ever, Gov. Tom Corbett announced on August 28 that his office has reached an agreement with the administration of President Barack Obama that will allow the state to accept an expanded Medicaid program, which will allow up to half a million low-income state residents to have access to low-cost health insurance.  Read more

Bethel considers zoning, camping; Nonconforming uses to be addressed

WHITE LAKE, NY — Judging by the number of people who camp out at Hector’s Inn and Yasgur’s Farm every time the Woodstock weekend anniversary rolls around, there is a big demand for camping in the Town of Bethel.  Read more

Shohola burglar carries on

SHOHOLA, PA — Despite the Shohola area being on high alert due to the ongoing spree of car and house burglaries over the summer, the thief continues his spree and he has hit at least three more cars over the Labor Day weekend. These three were the only ones reported. Neighbors say it is likely he broke into other homes where there was no cash found or the owners have yet to discover their loss.  Read more

Toronto swim-in again

BETHEL, NY — Members of the Smallwood community and other county residents, some of whom have been using the public access to the swimming beach for decades, gathered for a mass swim-in protest on August 30 again carrying posters protesting Eagle Creek Renewable Energy’s latest filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), asking for permission to change the terms of its license so public swimming would no longer be allowed there.  Read more

Resisting arrest, high-speed chase

WOODRIDGE, NY — On August 28, at approximately 1:30 p.m., Village of Woodridge police officer Yermiah Solomon stopped a 2012 Chevrolet on Old Falls Road for texting while driving.  Read more

Three die in Wayne County traffic accident

PAUPACK TWP., PA — Pennsylvania State Police in Honesdale are investigating a fatal traffic crash that occurred on Goosepond Road in Paupack Township, Wayne County on August 30 at approximately 11:30 a.m.  Read more

Labor Day DWI arrests

LIBERTY, NY — The New York State Police in Liberty arrested three individuals for driving while intoxicated (DWI) over Labor Day weekend.  Read more